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So, you have a great logo that you are in love with.  It reflects everything you want to say about you, your brand and your business.  But what next?  Slapping the logo on things won’t necessarily make your brand live and breathe.  You need to take care!

Your brand is a representation of your business. For example, you wouldn’t cook your dinner party guests fillet steak and serve it with spaghetti hoops on the side.  Similarly, you wouldn’t slap your beautiful logo on something that makes you look cheap and tacky.

Think about how you want your business to look.  Maybe start with designing your business cards and stationery so you can see how your brand starts to look in application.  Do you need other colours to complement your design?  What fonts work well with your logo? Do you need some other design elements to make your brand start to live?

Once you have nailed the stationery you can start to have fun with your brand. Get your designer to help extend the brand online – your website and social media.  Think about the imagery that supports your look and feel. If you are a serious business you won’t want to use jokey images and clip art.  If you have a child centric brand you might want to be more playful. If you are into beauty, you will want your imagery to be sophisticated and carefully put together. Think about the imagery, both photography and illustration that is relevant to you and reflects your business. You will also want to consider how you lay things out, how you use colour and text and other graphic elements you incorporate into your design. Ensure all the design elements fit together and work in a complementary way and your brand will start to grow in strength.

Now your brand is ready to fly.  Once you have thought carefully about the initial stages after logo design the rest become easier. Brochures, flyers, vehicles, exhibition stands, whatever you need, can be designed to support your full brand image. Making sure everything feels connected will enable you to build a strong brand that has the best traction it can in the market.