Creating attention-grabbing, fully responsive websites to help you capture more business online.

Investing in a new website is a big deal for any organisation. But it’s even more important for start-ups and SMEs to work with a web partner they trust, because the quality of their platform could really make or break their business.

At BDE, we are committed to offering the very best web design solutions for start-ups and growing enterprises here in the UK. We get that you don’t have an unlimited budget – the kind of money pot that will get you an all singing and dancing website – but we also know that a DIY template won’t cut it, either. You want a professional website that looks great, works well, and can be found in the major search engines – and, just as importantly, you need your platform to be affordable.

We offer low-cost web design and development packages as initial starting points and provide you with the option to add more pages or functionality to your platform depending on what you need it to do. All our websites are built with WordPress, which gives you the freedom to add and edit your content as you please.


Whatever role your website needs to play, BDE has all your design and development needs covered.

Web Design

Great design comes down to clean, professional aesthetics and a carefully considered UX. We’ll use our knowledge of all best practices to create a site that showcases your brand’s expertise beautifully and ensures your customers have all the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

WordPress Web Design

We love WordPress. It’s the world’s leading content management system (CMS) and it’s been our first choice for our clients’ websites since 2014. It’s easy to use, it’s intuitive, and the results are always brilliant. WordPress is also a surprisingly affordable option for small to medium sized businesses.

Bespoke Web Design & Development

When a standard template simply won’t give you the functionality you crave, you can rely on the team here at BDE to create a custom designed website with all the features your business needs to deliver an exceptional experience to new and existing customers. Bespoke websites are often more flexible and scalable, too.

Ecommerce Web Design

More companies are selling their products and services digitally than ever before. If you feel now is the right time to explore the world of ecommerce, you can trust our team to hold your hand through the design and development process and ensure your new platform brings real value to your business.

Website Hosting & Support

Once your brand new website is up and running, you’ll need to look after it on an ongoing basis. It’s the only way to make sure it’s performing at its best 24/7. We offer a variety of support and maintenance services to our customers, not to mention cost-effective hosting solutions to keep your content live and kicking.

Interested ?

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Please book an initial call here so that we can discuss your initial requirements. Alternatively, you can call us on 01256 326326 or email us on [email protected] and we will send you a briefing document for completion.


We will send you a detailed quote outlining the work to be undertaken, the proposed timeline, and the cost.


We’ll build a working home page concept of your website in WordPress for you to review. For other developments we will send you a flat site design.


When the site is complete, we’ll ask you to check the website to ensure you are happy with the structure and content. At this stage, we’ll make any revisions as needed.


Once you have signed off the project, we will then test the site to ensure that it works all devices and major browsers.


We are happy to host and maintain your site, but you can also arrange this yourself.


Once the site is live, we complete we are happy to continue to work with you to optimise, market and maintain the site going forward!


How much will my new website cost?

It’s difficult to say without more information on what you need and what you want to achieve. We provide tailored quotes for every website project once we have had an initial discovery call and gained a better understanding of how the platform will need to come together. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and get an accurate estimate. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how competitive our fees are!)

How long will it take to create the site?

Again, this depends on how large the site needs to be, and the kind of functionality you want it to have. Wherever possible, we work to a lead time of __ weeks. However, all timeframes will be outlined as part of your quote.

How much involvement will I have in the design and development process?

We want you to feel involved in the process, and we welcome your thoughts on the site’s structure, design, and functionality. But if you’d rather take a more hands-off approach and let us take the lead, that’s fine, too.

Who will write the website’s content?

You can provide the site’s content yourself. In our experience, however, most business owners don’t have the time to work on the text themselves (and many just don’t want to!). Our website copywriters can provide you with a quote for the works if you would rather outsource it to someone else.

Do I have to be local to work with you?

Some of our clients prefer to talk with us face to face, but many are happy to conduct meetings over the phone or via Zoom. We regularly work with companies close to Basingstoke in Hampshire, but we can also provide our services to organisations anywhere in the UK (and internationally).

What if I need help with my website after it’s been launched?

You are welcome to contact us if you would like us to make any significant design or development changes to your website once it’s up and running. We will look at what needs to be done, then provide a quote based on the amount of time it will take us to action the edits. Most of our clients like to invest in one of our website maintenance and support packages, so they know their platform is being updated and managed on a regular basis, behind the scenes; we can factor additional hours for content and design changes into these packages, if required.




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