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Website Content Guide

By 13 June 2012No Comments

Your website content is really important

seo blackboardHave you ever landed on a good-looking website, only to find a load of jibberish that doesn’t quite tell you what they’re all about? Website design is getting more creative and refined, therefore it’s important that the website content steps up to the game. The words on your website need to work hard to engage your audience, get to the point and generate a response – instantly!

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If you decide to create your own website content, that’s cool with us. There’s just a few things you should know.

Why your website content is important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

If you decide to write your own content, make sure you do all you can to optimise for Google. Having a website is great, but what you really need is people to find it. Basically, make sure you tell Google, and visitors to your website, who you are, what you do and the areas you cover. If you do not have relevant content and headings Google will not know what you do and will not list you in its result pages.

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Supplying content to us

Please supply the below for us to populate your web pages. Remember, we need your home page content to start the design process as without it, it will be like building a house with no foundation. For every page of your site we need the following:

Meta Data

When we create your website, meta data is inserted into each page. Meta data is hidden to visitors, but vital to your SEO. Your meta data should be unique on every page and be related to that page of content. Do not write meta data with phrases that do not relate to the page, it will be a waste of time. Do not try and fool search engines, they will know if you are.

Meta title

Your meta title tag should contain around 60 characters. Page titles are very important for search engines. It tells them what the page is about and they are shown (most of the time) in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Meta description

Your meta description should contain around 160 characters, should contain your key phrases and be informative for users to understand what the page is about.

Meta keywords

Your meta keywords should contain no more than 20 words/phrases. They are not very important to search engines anymore however they do provide information and tells them what phrases are important on your page.

Page Content

The structure of your headings is important for SEO. Your H1(Heading one) is the main heading of your page and should contain your most important key phrase. Do not try and optimise a page for lots of different phrases – the more you choose per page the harder it will be. Your H1 should be placed as near to the top of the page as possible in the HTML (don’t worry – we will take care of that bit). You should only have one H1 on each page. After your H1, you can have several other headings – H2, H3 tags etc, depending on the importance of that header. Bad structure can affect SEO.

Good example for a fitness instructor based in Basingstoke

Main Heading: Fitness Instructor in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Paragraph: I am a fitness instructor based in Basingstoke, Hampshire with 20 years’ experience. I offer personal and group fitness sessions in and around the Basingstoke area. As a professional fitness instructor …

Sub Heading: Outdoor Fitness in Basingstoke
Paragraph: I offer outdoor fitness sessions in the Basingstoke park …

Sub Heading: Group Fitness in Basingstoke
Paragraph: I offer group fitness sessions in and around Basingstoke…….

You get the idea! It’s just a rough example and by no means a suggested writing style. Although slightly repetitive, what it’s doing is telling Google, and visitors to your site, what your businesses main services are (really important for your homepage).

Still a bit confused?

If this all sounds a bit like googledygook, we’re more than happy to explain this in person. We want your website to be really successful, so we’ll work with you to produce website content or even proof what you have written to make sure you get the most out of it. Just give us a call and chat to your project manager.

Fancy having your website professionally written?

  • Too busy to write the content for your website?
  • Not really sure about best practice?
  • Don’t understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
  • Want really engaging copy that generates leads for your business?

For only £30 per page we can take all of the stress away from you so you can do what you do best – run your business! Call our friendly team today on 01256 845815.