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Have your website content professionally written

By 21 June 2012No Comments

As we’ve acknowledged before, your website is your digital shop window or the face of your business.  It’s available for everyone to see 24/7.

The design aspect will have the first impact, followed by its ease of use and last but by no means least, the copy or words.

These elements all create a ‘first impression’ for your visitors.  If any of these elements don’t appeal they are likely to leave your website faster than you can say British Design Experts!

With only a few minutes to grab visitors’ attention, your web copy needs to be good.  There are many other websites – 300 million new ones were created last year – calling to them.  Badly written copy will drive visitors away fast.

What is the point?

How much does good web copy matter?  The words on your website have several missions:

  • Well written copy highlights your business’ professionalism
  • The copy emulates your business’ personality in tone i.e. serious, playful, modern, traditional, creative etc
  • The copy should engage your visitors just as your spoken word does when you meet them face to face
  • Your content should offer the right tone to encourage visitors to stay longer and browse what you have on offer
  • Ultimately they should convert your visitor into a customer

Why do I need a professional writer?

Why do I need a professional?  I know what my business is about so why can’t I just write the web copy?

It isn’t quite as simple as that as a professional in any walk of life will tell you.  A professional web copy writer knows it’s about more than just writing good copy.  They will have the following abilities – or should have:  They can/are:

  • Interpret your business and brand’s personality into the written word
  • Write copy that engages the visitor and encourages them to contact you or make a purchase
  • Keep it simple using good grammar, perfect spelling and punctuation
  • They will always copy-check for grammatical mistakes and edit as necessary

And that added extra

  • They know how to optimise the copy to get you higher up the search engine rankings

SEO is so important

We can’t stress how important many of these elements are.  It’s a sort of chicken and egg thing too.  You need to engage with visitors and convert them into customers but you need to get them to your site to do this.

  • About 85% of your visitors are likely to have come via a website search
  • 9 out of every 10 searches are via Google
  • Few searchers look beyond the first page

A professional web copy writer will search for relevant key words and use them in your page titles and copy.  They can add the necessary Meta tags to make sure the information at the back end of your site can be seen by search engine robots too.

Well written web copy that has been well optimised does several things:

  • It creates a good impression of your company so that visitors will perceive you offer a similar professional service
  • It helps your search engine rankings so that you appear on the first page of relevant searches
  • It uses persuasive language to encourage visitors to stay and follow through

Call us for a chat about how our professional web copy writing services can help.