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3 common logo design misconceptions and why you don’t need to worry about them

By 11 December 2012No Comments

If you’ve never had a logo designed before there are 3 common misconceptions about logo design which you should be aware of. It’s important to be aware and not to worry – your first designs will look very different to your final logo design. If you want to learn more about logo design, and how to brief your designer, read through our blog where you’ll find everything you need to know.

black cloud of design confusion

I don’t like any of my samples – I won’t be able to get a logo that I like

You shouldn’t worry about not liking your initial samples, this can happen for a variety of reasons and isn’t altogether unusual however we try and minimise this by showing a variety of concepts and variations of your brief.  The revisions process is the most important part of the logo design and it isn’t unusual to go through 3 or 4 revisions before you start seeing a logo which you connect with. Most common reasons why this can happen

  • You couldn’t capture your ideas on paper or describe what you were looking for
  • You weren’t too sure what you wanted to start with
  • You don’t like what you suggested now that you see it

These things happen, and it’s nothing to worry about. Initial logo design concepts are just the first step in the revisions process to getting your perfect logo – and moving forward is easy when you have designs there to discuss!

They look like clip art- my logo won’t look unique

To a graphic designer the term clip art refers to pre-drawn pictures and symbols which can illustrate any medium. A logo is also a picture or symbol which can be used to illustrate any medium – but they are not premade! Unlike clip arts which are recycled or scrap graphics provided with word processing software, all logos are custom designed. Therefore your logo is categorically unique.

And remember, if you’re worried that your logo object/symbol doesn’t look tailored enough to your business/sector then all you need to do is to tell us in your feedback and we can look at this in the next set of revisions.

The design is really simplistic – I could have done that myself!

If you take a good look at some of the most famous logos you’ll see that most of them look really simple. The best creative logos are also some of the most sleek and simple, and you shouldn’t underestimate how much time and thought goes in to creating a well-executed (and simple) logo design which appropriately fits a company.

You should also bear in mind that your logo designer will be keeping your suggestions in mind. If you have said in your logo brief that you like the logos of Facebook, Sony, Nike or Apple don’t be surprised to get minimalist logo designs back. And most importantly, remember that the complexity or cleverness of a logo is not important – the only thing that matters is how memorable it is and how well it fits your company.

N.B. When giving logo examples you like the look of in your brief, do not just give examples of major brands you like if you do not want your logo design to be of a similar style.

Why you shouldn’t worry

Giving feedback on designs you don’t like will just be the first step towards getting a design you do like. It’s unlikely that you’ll hate every aspect of every sample, so break down your feedback and give examples of what you like and don’t like.

Think about

  • Colours that you like/ the way the colour has been used
  • Fonts you like/don’t like
  • Ideas/concepts/objects that you like
  • Layouts

If you need inspiration to give detail to your feedback…

  • Take a look through our logo portfolio
  • Check out our boards on Pinterest
  • Google it (Google other logos in your sector for instance)
  • Ask us! It’s what we’re here for.

If you need any help or advice about your logo design just give us a call on 01256 845 815 or send an email to [email protected]