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Building your brand as a business start up

By 3 May 2012No Comments

Starting a new business is very exciting but also challenging.  There is a lot to consider from start up funding to your business plan and much more.  One of the main considerations is how will you present your business to the world?

Your choice of business name and your brand or logo is one of the first things you should consider; this will be important in promoting your business.  Your logo should reflect everything your business means all wrapped up in a graphic interpretation.

A big responsibility

Your logo has a lot of work to do.  It is representative of your products or services and your company and it also creates a company identity – this can be whatever you want the identity to be.  It should create a good impression of your company and what you are offering whilst also making you look very professional.  But get it wrong and you could send out entirely the wrong message.

These are just some of the first jobs that a logo can or should do.  So finding yourself a good brand identity designer is a good place to start and then work closely with them to establish what you want your logo to say about your company.

What is a logo?

A logo is your brandmark.  It is a graphic representation of your company which can include words or initials and colour.  The typeface for your logo and the choice of or lack of colour is important in the overall message too.  The simpler the better.

All of these elements should work together to form your brand identity.  For instance can you imagine Coca Cola being written or represented in any other way?  That’s what you’re aiming for a logo that is instantly recognisable as your company, your brand.  OK it’s unlikely that you can match the big corporations for global recognition as you start up, but every brand’s aim should be to be recognisable to your customers and attractive to potential customers.

Delivering a powerful message

Your logo tells customers who and what you are and even the quality of your products/services.  It’s ‘tone’ will be totally different if you are a financial advice centre than if you are selling cup cakes!  And that’s the point.  Your business logo doesn’t have to be stuffy if your business is anything but.

Working with a professional brand identity designer you will be able to explain that you want to show the ‘face’ of your business through your logo.  Give examples of companies/brands/logos that appeal to you as a starting point for the design process.  Consider if you want to be seen as a straight-laced business or as an approachable, young and fresh company offering your particular service?  Believe it or not, all of this can be conveyed in your logo.

Working for you

With the right type of brandmark or logo it works in your favour.  It’s like silent PR or promotion, it can speak to your customers, it can deliver a powerful message, it can guarantee the service or products you offer … and all in that perfect graphic interpretation.  Remember it should also work in all mediums: online, print, advertising, TV – it’s good to think ahead.

Whatever your business concept is, making it a brand is important to your success.  And working with a logo design company you can be sure of a professional face to show to the world.