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With 3 billion searches a day on Google maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that someone has Googled you personally.  This is a growing search area looking for information on individuals.  Employers, perspective clients and even new friends search to learn more about you.

Unfortunately sometimes the information searchers find is incorrect.  This is exactly what happened to one of the co-founders of BrandYourself with detrimental effects.  Consequently he set up this company which helps you to control searches for your name using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

It’s free!

Basically BrandYourself is a free service to help you promote positive messages about yourself and kill any negative ones that spring up.  It shows you who has been looking at your profile too so that you know who is interested in you.

This service is for individuals not for businesses but can also work to yours and your business’ advantage.

How does it work?

First of all you are asked to submit links; these could be to your business profile on your website, your LinkedIn profile or to an article or blog you’ve written.  This literally helps to optimise your profiles or writings.  So connections to your news or blog articles on your website will get free SEO.

For each link that you submit BrandYourself offers you ways to get it ranked higher.  Then they monitor your link to see how it rises and give you a report to show you the higher ranking in both figures and graph form.

They claim that most of their optimised profiles get onto the first search page within 2 weeks.


BrandYourself offer you techniques that go on working and are acceptable to the search engines.  Some companies offering paid for services like this actually employ what are referred to as ‘black hat’ techniques which are likely to get profiles banned from the search engine rankings when discovered.

Three optimised links

This system allows you to optimise up to 3 weblinks that you want to raise up to the top in search engine rankings.  Their website, where you sign up for a profile, takes you through the process in easy step-by-step stages.

Building a profile page allows you to link all your other online profiles in social media or on other platforms.  Once again this helps with search engine optimisation as these links back and forth are one of the key factors that search engines look for when ranking pages.

This service is very young – set up in March this year – but already 25,000 people have signed up and 80% of these have created a profile.


There are other sites that do similar things like giving you the geographical location of where a searcher is based but unlike BrandYourself they don’t offer a name and IP address.

Basically just like LinkedIn who show you who has looked at your profile within the LinkedIn network, this service does it for the whole web.

If you want to know more about SEO for your business, give us a call.