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What’s in a name? Our guide to naming your business

By 5 September 2012No Comments

The name of your business is vital, it is a critical part of your business identity and will be used in all your marketing materials. Getting started can be as simple as looking at competitors names for ideas, but whether you spend months researching or pull a name out of a hat, you have to get your company name right. We’ve put together a little guide to help you get going and make your business a success.

Real words

Apple, Amazon, Twitter; all these words are real and have their own meanings but no relevance to the actual business. The pros are that you can have fun and create a buzz but be careful of using too abstract a word and consider that finding a URL may be difficult.

Misspelled words

Tumblr, Digg,; the words stand out and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a URL. However, misspelled words can be confusing and hard to remember, which is a disaster for any business.

Two syllable, compound words

Facebook, Skillshare; another method that should make getting a URL easy, and a creative way of describing your business or services. As this is a relatively new method there is a risk of it being overdone, and you should also make sure you choose relevant words that best describe your business.

Initials & acronyms

IBM, AOL; perfect if you want to go a bit old school. It shortens long multi word phrases and makes your business name easy to remember and search for online. However, it’s also a little bit boring, and there are no three letter URLs left, so you’ll be paying big bucks to get hold of one.

Made up words

Skype, Zynga; the ultimate way to get creative with your business name and gives you something catchy and memorable. You should beware of your word lacking meaning and therefore creating confusion, misunderstanding and running the risk of it being forgotten or dismissed.


There are five key things to remember when deciding your business name, even if you really do pull a name out of a hat!

  • Be objective – we understand your business is your baby, but you are trying to make money. If you only use your personal preferences you’ll never appeal to anyone else.
  • Old fashioned or modern? – an old fashioned name conveys durability, whilst a modern name conveys a fresh, innovative approach. Which of these best represents your business?
  • Think ahead – especially if you’re using a made up word, beware of anything that will date quickly.
  • Home or away? – if you’re only trading locally think about incorporating the name of your village or city.
  • Know the rules – check your proposed name doesn’t breach the rules about name endings, ‘same as’ rules or use a prescribed or sensitive word. Also check your name is not the same as, or similar to an already registered trademark.

There you have it, the things you need to know and a few starting points to help you get your business off the ground. Once you’ve chosen your business name and you want to show your shiny new business off then give us a call on 01256 845815 or email us at [email protected] and find out how we can help you.