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A picture says a thousand words: why use video for your business?

By 28 August 2012No Comments

The old adage really is true, a picture does say a thousand words.  And in the age of technology, including videos in your marketing mix is the way forward. From video testimonials to product demonstrations, the list of things you can do with video is endless. If you’ve been thinking about using video for a while, or even if it’s something you’ve never considered before we’re here to convince you that videos are where it’s at.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Written content can really only be used once, otherwise you run the risk of just repeating yourself. The beauty of using a video is that you can post it in multiple places. YouTube, Facebook, your website… that’s one video and millions of places to put it. If you really want to get your product seen, then videos are the way to do it.


Building personality with written blog posts takes a long time, and some readers just won’t be willing to play the long game. With video you are ‘there’ immediately and it really pushes the ‘know, like, trust’ sequence in to overdrive. If people feel like they know and trust you then they will choose your products over other peoples every time. Bingo!

Stand out from the crowd

Some businesses don’t use video as part of their marketing, this might be because they are scared of getting it wrong, or they might just be lazy!  Either way you need to do what they aren’t, and you need to do it well. Use a mixture of still images and clips of you demonstrating or selling your products to customers. As we’ve said above, hearing your voice gets your personality across so by using a mixture of image and clips passers by will be converted in to loyal customers.

Video testimonials

Written testimonials are bland, fact. How many times have you seen something like “Your service was great, very professional and had good results” –  Mr Smith, Hampshire? It’s boring, could have been written by anyone, and really isn’t going to inspire you to buy the product.  If the company had say 10 or 15 video testimonials with customers that were real people you would be more likely to buy whatever they were recommending.

Better for mobile

Businesses really need to get with the programme, and mobile technology is only going to get bigger. If you’ve ever tried to read a block of text on a smart phone you’ll know how annoying it is. It would be far better to have a video telling your customer exactly the same thing, that they could just play or listen to on the move.

Video may have killed the radio star but these days the lack of video will kill your business. So be brave, do what your competitors aren’t doing and start using video today. They are a great marketing tool and will definitely increase your sales, which is what every business wants. So what are you waiting for? Start practising that film star look, and get your product to the people!

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