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Why you need to ignore the latest design trends and embrace your own style

By 4 April 2013No Comments

Check out this great article posted on our sister site Snowflake Creative.

It can be a real mistake to think that you should follow the web design trends of 2013 to get yourself a really good website. In actuality, it is your style that really matters.

“If you read any of the top digital marketing or web design blogs you’ll have noticed that there are regular articles on the top design trends of 2013, the latest design trends of 2013, the best trends of 2012, or any combination of the above. The design industry is quite simply obsessed with tracking these trends and we get a lot of clients asking us to make sure that their designs are using the latest trends – but what if that that is entirely the wrong thing to be thinking about?

Because you don’t want a trendy website. You want a website that perfectly expresses your style.

Let us explain…”

Click here to read the full article ‘Why you need to ignore the latest design trends’ on the Snowflake Creative blog.