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Our first free web tool

By 19 October 2012No Comments

British Design Experts are on a mission to help start-up and small businesses achieve their full potential when it comes to design and websites. We have used a tool developed by us for some time over on our big sister site that shows the system information of a user when going onto a particular page. We have found it is a great tool that saves a lot of time avoiding manual checks – especially if computers are not really your thing.

What does it do and when will I use it?

If you ever have a problem with your website and your web developer can’t replicate it, a few things will come in quite handy for them when trying to fix it. Here is a list of the features we give:

  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution
  • Web Browser and Version
  • Javascript Status
  • Browser Size
  • IP Address
  • Screen Colour Depth
  • Flash Version
  • Cookies Status

If you are tech savvy it will not take you long to find these things manually but having it all in front of you in one place is a great time saver.

Who can use it?

The simple answer is everyone and anyone. Don’t worry if we don’t look after your site, when you visit the tool you have the ability to send the information to your developer using a quick form or you can download the information as a PDF. We don’t capture and save any of your information so won’t bombard you with spammy emails. Use British Design Experts Free tool at

system information tool

Screen Shot of System Information Tool

More Ideas?

If you think the tool will work better providing other bits of information just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Look out for more tools coming soon

We are working on a free on-site SEO analyser tool too that has had some great feedback from a small amount of users during the first test phase.