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This week’s logo of the week really emphasises the point we were making in our ‘relationship between your logo design and brand’ blog. Seathrift came to us with a brief which clearly demonstrated that they had not only thought about their brand values but that they knew them decisively and inside out. Take a look…

About Seathrift

Seathrift are a handmade textile accessories company based in Suffolk. They make personal items and also teach crochet and other craft skills in local workshops and craft fairs. The name Seathrift comes from the name of a coastal plant, appropriate because a lot of Seathrift’s work has a coastal theme.

Seathrift logo design

The brief

Seathrift wanted a subtle logo which they could easily print and use themselves on their labels and packaging. The logo needed to create the feeling of traditional meets contemporary, clean, fresh, creative and quality but affordable.

What do you think?

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