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What should always be foremost in your mind as you get close to finalising your logo design is how useable it will be, and how futureproof it is for all anticipated contexts and situations. As your logo design background provides the backdrop for your company logo it is important to note how it may have an impact.

The 5 different logo design background options – pros and cons

White – the safest option

A white background is the most common logo design background choice. It is a blank canvas which provides a good contrast to most colours, meaning your logo is as legible as possible. It also means your logo will be very easily placed onto letterheads and stationery.

However, at the same time a blank canvas is blank. Because it is neutral it doesn’t communicate any additional brand messages, which can be effective.

White background logo design eStudiousWhite background logo design Newfield ElectricalWhite background logo design Salisbury dog

Black – a strong statement

A black background can really make your logo stand out, and can mean your logo design colours will really stand out in contrast. It can give a much stronger emotional impression than a white background, as a result.

However, black backgrounds can create problems. They can make printing your logo onto stationery a bit more difficult, and it means that all of your branding will have to have a black basis (meaning you’ll have to accept a fairly dark web design, for instance).

Black background logo design CamberleyBlack background logo design GJ PlasticsBlack background logo design Martin Cox

Colour – for deeper brand communication

A coloured background emphasises the values of that colour in your branding, and means you are using the background of your logo to communicate more to your audience.

However, it is a very strong statement, and it will necessarily become a large part of your logo design and subsequent branding. Like a black background, it can create problems printing or displaying your logo in particular contexts. You also have to be very very sure that the colour you emphasise conveys exactly the right message, or you risk turning off your potential customers.

Colour background logo design Fresh WestColour background logo design Polly DoodleColour background logo design Zorm

Pattern – for expressing further ideas

A patterned background expresses the ideas or concepts behind your logo even more clearly – it is a very strong statement of your brand and what you stand for, and makes your logo more memorable to boot.

However, a patterned background is likely to create more problems with transferring your logo to new contexts, and can look clumsy, or cut off.

Pattern logo design background BelmontPattern logo design background Grilled PizzaPattern logo design background Roger Garrett

Transparent – makes your logo more flexible

A transparent background makes your logo really easy to transfer onto different contexts, and can make the main part of your logo really pop wherever it is displayed.

However, certain kinds of logos look much better with transparent backgrounds than others, and you can have the same problem as a white background – it is simply neutral and not communicating anything further.

Transparent logo design example SparksTransparent logo design example FredricksTransparent logo design example Iver Community

The best of all worlds

You should always have the option of having your logo files provided in monochrome, and with a transparent background. This way you can use different variations of your logo in the appropriate concept. However, the more places you can display your logo in its pure format the stronger your brand association will form in the mind of the viewer, and the more memorable your logo will be (repetition is key).

Get some advice

It is very frustrating to end up with a logo which is going to hold you back in certain situations, or be unusable in a particular context. It’s always a good idea to speak with a logo design expert about your needs  and ask for their advice. British Design Experts offer free logo advice and consultation as standard. You can simply email [email protected] and someone will get back to you by the next working day.