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Logo Design Of The Month

Logo of the week: HugoMedia

By 26 October 2012No Comments

Our last logo of the week selection for October is HugoMedia. The use of a character in this week’s logo almost brings us round full circle in October back to FeedHammer which also used a quirky character. But at the same time, the two logos are completely different, showing how even logos with same elements can have endless variety.

About HugoMedia

HugoMedia is a company specialising in monetising websites through connecting advertisers with niche audiences.

Hugo Media logo design

The Brief

They wanted a logo using blue and grey as the theme colours (to convey knowledge, trust, and sophistication) and incorporating a jovial, happy-go-lucky cartoon character.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. How much do you think colour can convey? We found this really interesting infographic the other day shared with us on Google+ all about ‘The Coolness of Blue’ being used all over the web as a highly versatile colour. How much of a difference can the right colour choice make do you think?