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Logo of the week: The Floral Decorator

By 21 December 2012No Comments

It’s always a good idea to think about how you will need to use your logo when you are getting it designed. This week’s logo of the week, the floral decorator, made it clear from the start of the brief exactly how they would be using their logo and that they would need to be able to print it on ribbon and florist cellophane effectively. Typography logos are often the most versatile thanks to their simplicity – although it does mean that the font choice is far more important. If the font of your logo isn’t something you’ve thought about check out our introduction to font types.

About The Floral Decorator

A florist working in all aspects of floral design including delivered bouquets, event flowers, wedding flowers and funeral flowers. They are now looking to specialize in the wedding flowers market.

Floral Decorator - logo of the week

The Brief

They wanted a simple logo with a grand, prestige look.

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