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Is cheap cheerful? Professional vs. DIY website design

By 17 August 2012No Comments

In these times of recession we all know money is tight and when you’re starting a business every penny counts. Having an online presence is vital to the success of your business and how you get online also counts for a lot. It may seem tempting to go for a DIY approach but cheap isn’t always cheerful in the business world. This article will show you the pros and cons of both DIY and professional website design.


This approach is generally cheaper, and sometimes even free. With the thousands of templates available you need little technical knowledge to create a simple website. If you need to update the website’s content regularly you can do this yourself without waiting for a professional to do it for you.

However don’t be drawn in by the cost aspect, a DIY website will have no hosting, so you’ll have to source and set this up yourself. If you’re not a ‘techie’ and don’t have knowledge of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and file configurations you’ll find this very hard. You will also be unlikely to get much more than email support from a cheaper DIY package, so if you have a problem you’ll have to go it alone.

A DIY site may also affect your SEO ability. Templates often use a bad or unfriendly code for search engines meaning you’ll appear lower, or not at all on search engine results pages. This could leave your business floundering if you rely on search engine traffic to generate sales.


By using a professional service you’ll get a bespoke design, unique to your business. It will look and be professional, immediately making your business stand out from the crowd. You’ll need no technical knowledge, only a ‘creative concept’ for your business meaning there are no limitations as the designer will be able to make your website look however you want it to.

Whilst the initial outlay may be more expensive than a DIY site you will get better value for money as a designer will provide on going support and help your website meet its goals. The same can be said of the time aspect of the project. A professional website will take longer to create but the high quality results are worth waiting for. Waiting for content to be uploaded will also pay off as professionals know the best way to market your product, so your content will have maximum effect.

Using a professional designer will maximise your search engine presence. A professional such as British Design Experts, will use a code that fits with the latest SEO friendly methods. If attracting search engine traffic is important to your website then you shouldn’t even consider using a DIY template unless you are knowledgeable in SEO already.

So there they are, the pros and cons of DIY vs. professional website design. If you have enough technical experience and only require a basic website then the DIY approach may be for you. However if you want a bespoke, professional website that will maximise your products selling potential then contact British Design Experts to discuss our affordable options, tailored to your business needs.