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Logo Design Of The Month

Introducing our new Friday feature: ‘Logo of the week’

By 5 October 2012No Comments

Every Friday we’ll be looking at the logos which have been finalised in the last week and picking our favourite. At the end of the month we’ll put a poll together and get all of you guys to help us pick our ‘Logo of the Month’.

We design a really wide variety of logos for all sorts of different companies – so picking our favourites can sometimes result in heated debates in the office.  However, after a democratic vote we finally managed to pick our first logo of the week!

The first logo which could end up being ‘October Logo of the month’ is FeedHammer: Your Daily Warhammer News Roundup.

FeedHammer: Your Daily Warhammer News Roundup

The FeedHammer logo is for use on an Android app and website which collects together the latest news and features from the tabletop war gaming world. The app and website already existed, but the company were interested in doing a rebrand before rolling out their iPhone app and starting a new advertising campaign.

FeedHammer logo

The Brief

They wanted an irreverent, fun and punchy logo which was cartoon like or stylised, and suitable for being used as a small app icon.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your comments. Post your thoughts and favourite logos for apps in the comments box.