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How to write a great logo tagline

By 4 February 2013No Comments

Ok, so you know that you need a logo design, you’ve done a bit of brainstorming and you’ve got a great idea of what you want your logo to look like. But over one thing you’re stumped – what should the tagline be? Do you even need a tagline? And how do you go about writing a great one? Well, follow my 4 simple tips to writing a great logo tagline and you won’t be far off.

Why have a logo tagline?

The idea behind a tagline is to give a piece of additional information which will sum up the tone/values of your brand. Creating a tagline will help you to really focus on what your brand is about and broadcast that to your audience each and every time they see your logo (bearing in mind that your logo will obviously be on every piece of marketing you ever do).

My 4 tips to writing a great logo tagline:

1 . Make use of your USP

You have a chance to give one piece of additional information about your company – of course you want it to be your USP! Why wouldn’t you? It’s that one ingredient which makes you unique and distinguishes you from your competitors.

“Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia”

“Papa Johns – Better Ingredients. Better Pizza”

2 . Keep it short and snappy

There’s no straight and hard rule but most of the strongest taglines will be 4 words or less. I know that that is a challenge, but you have to keep in mind that your logo is going to be used in loads of different contexts and you might need your logo to be quite small in some of them. A long tagline will have to be made smaller in order to fit nicely on your logo and you may find that means you can’t read it or you have to remove it in some situations.

Additionally, the shorter it is the more memorable it will be… which leads nicely on to my next tip.

“UPS – We love Logistics”

“McDonalds – I’m loving it”

3 . Make it memorable

Your logo tagline gives you an extra bit of information to impart to your audience – so don’t waste your words. If your logo name says what you do you don’t have to repeat it, and get rid of vague words which say nothing.

The key to creating a memorable tagline is to have a great concept underlining it, or a modicum of wit (although this won’t suit all brands). Sounds difficult? Most of the time the answer is very logical.

“Nike – Just do it”

“KitKat – Have a break, have a kitkat”

4 . Let your logic loose

Write down all of the words which you would associate with your company, your values and your brand. Is there a linking factor? Is there one concept or principle which underpins everything you do? Once you’ve stumbled on that you’re on the home stretch. Can you connect it to a metaphor, or a character? Fantastic – chances are this will really distinguish you from your competitors.

“Nokia – Connecting People”

“Apple – Think different”

Get some advice

Writing a great logo tagline is HARD! No doubt about it. Since more brains make better work it’s a good idea to get as many people to read over your tagline as possible and give their opinion. Ask your colleagues, your friends, your family – it might even help to explain the reasoning behind it to your dog, it all helps!

Additionally, if you want to get a professional opinion you can always ask us. If you’re a current client get in touch with your project manager, and if not you can send us a message on Facebook, or tweet us a question and I’ll get back to you.