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The secret to designing a website that will maximise your conversions

By 23 April 2013No Comments

It’s really simple to make sure that your website is designed to maximise your conversions. Just follow our 7 simple (and common sense) tips and you’ll see your website transformed into a powerful lead capturing machine.

The importance of a well-placed landing page

Every website that is serious about maximising their conversion rate will make the most of well-placed landing pages. This is a page that is specifically and strategically designed to pull together all the reasons why someone should perform your call to action. While every page of your website should be thinking about how to persuade your lead to buy (with effective content and a strong call to action), your landing page will be the lynchpin of your success.

7 simple design tips to help you maximise your website’s conversions

Have a powerful heading- BIG

Make sure every word is informative and get rid of vague headers like ‘welcome to [company name]’.  Weave every heading around a benefit or USP for maximum impact.

Use a call to action – prominently

Make sure they stand out with a bright contrast colour and a button, and that the wording includes a real incentive to click. And don’t make the mistake of thinking they need to be short. One long sentence summarising the reason why before the button is very effective.

The right content placement

Never try to sell to someone before you’ve given them enough of a reason to buy. Make sure that you are guiding your audience through the right reasons on your website before sending them to the call to action.

A clear message (more options=less action)

Less is more in sales. Don’t clutter your design with too many options – this will only confuse your lead and they won’t know what to do next. In all likelihood this will lead to no action at all.

A visually clear message

Web readers will scan before reading, and the quicker you can impart information the more successfully you’ll get them to spend time reading your content and your reasons to buy.


To get people to take an action you need to emphasise

1)    Why they should take it – how it will benefit them

2)    Why they should take it now (limited offer, why wait? Get this today)

Make sure these points instantly draw the eye in your design.

Trust and the testimonial

Testimonials help us to trust you. A vital doubt that needs to be allayed before someone will take the risk of a purchase.

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