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Top 5 tips for choosing a web designer

By 28 April 2012No Comments

If you’ve never had to do this before, beware! It’s a tricky process. Most business owners would go on a referral from a friend or colleague. Always a good place to start. But even then, what worked for them may not work for you.

You need to get the most from your marketing budget for sure, but by cutting corners and paying for a cheap and nasty website you’re not going to be representing your business in the best way or delivering the best leads.

So, where do you start? Who do you trust? And how on earth do these web designers work?

1. Look at their website – may sound simple but does it look good? Is it easy to find your way around?

2. Look at online portfolios – is there something there which matches your vision?

3. Talk to your shortlist – will they follow your direction as well as offer their own expert opinion? What questions did they ask you? Do they understand marketing as well as design? What is their design process?

4. Don’t go for the cheapest option – it’s not just about having a website, it’s about having a website which works.

5. Pick a winner – once you’ve done your research you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the best man for the job!

At the end of the day, a certain amount of trust needs to be placed firmly within your gut. But don’t be shy to ask for proposals, quotes, more evidence of their experience and even references from their clients.

Your website is super important and you want to get it right. Any web designer worth their salt will expect and respect this.

Have a chat with our guys if you have any questions. You won’t get a hard sell! Just some simple honest advice.