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10 apps you don’t want to miss

By 29 May 2012No Comments

How mad is the world we live in? By the end of 2011, 1 million phone apps had been produced. There must be an app for everything, but still inventive developers continue to produce new ones. A report recently suggested that iPhone receive 8,500 new apps per week.

With so many to choose from, we thought we’d narrow it down a bit.

1. Hailo

To get to that business meeting in London on time, you might well need a cab. This useful app, which is free to download, contacts the nearest of London’s 23,000 black cabs for you and allows you to pay securely by credit or debit card.

2. Sleepbot

Do you constantly feel you don’t get enough sleep? Is it affecting your work? Check your sleep patterns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to see what rest you are getting.

3. Sidecar

For those of you who can’t keep your fingers still and love to multi-task, this app turns an ordinary phonecall into a multimedia one! Sidecar allows you to share multimedia during the call i.e. send a photos or a video or even your location.

4. Trend Topic

Another free app which allows you to search for the Top 20 Trending Topics or at least the most searched for data in the past few hours. Data is gathered via Google Hot Trends from Google News, Google Blog and Twitter.

5. Facebook Camera

This new application for Facebook allows you to post a whole series of photos at one time and gives you cropping and filter tools to use too. Works with iPads, iPods and iPhones.

6. Sing Something

Love to sing Karaoke? Or just love to sing? Sing Something will allow you to sing a tune and send it to your friends. They are then tasked with guessing the tune using a hangman-type game choosing letters from a virtual keyboard. The fun starts once your friends have guessed correctly allowing them to buy ‘bombs’ which remove letters from the keyboard making it more difficult for you to guess their tune in return.

7. Quizzed: How to read people

This free app is essentially a game but you can use it to learn and spot behaviour patterns in others! The series of quizzes test your ability to read body language, facial expressions, flirting facts, the perfect handshake and much more.
It also gives instant access via buttons to YouTube, Google Web and Wikipedia regardless of trends.

8. Sticky faces

This free app lets you use actual face images to add to your texts. There are famous ones, funny ones, sad ones, exasperated ones … all to emphasise your text messages.

Only use with Apples iOS devices otherwise the faces will be distorted.

9. Bang-on

This is a search app which allows you to search for things in specific places on the Internet faster i.e. search for ‘sunset on instagram’ and it takes you straight there.

Just tap the dictation button on the keyboard and search with your voice; customise favourites with ibang shortcuts. iPhone 4S or 3rd generation iPad required. Purchase price is £1.49.

10. Slide

Just for fun, a new game of dexterity using your iPhone’s ‘slide to unlock’ feature but instead of just one bar there are several. You can play Classic, Twist, Doubles and Revenge. Each game uses the unlock bars in both directions and at differing speeds whilst keeping track of your various scores: time to unlock, time in the game etc. The combination of these times comes up with your final score. You can share your scores on Facebook and Twitter and play along with other Sliders.

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