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Check out the latest post on our sister site Snowflake Creative.

It’s all about how to make your web design a pleasurable visit for your customers – something they will look forward to and that is filled with zen.

“Visiting a website is an experience. Bearing that in mind, do you want to make that first visit to your website an unpleasant one that feels like an attack? Or a zen one that makes you want to sit and appreciate it?

Busy, crammed websites with the occasional pop-up have been the norm for a long time – back in the olden day times of the web the coding restrictions didn’t give us that much choice. When it took you the length of time to make a cup of tea to load a page then you sure as hell didn’t want to find that you needed to click onto another one in order to get some useful information.

But we’re in a new era of the web. Now the web designer has many tools up his sleeve! Now we can create a beautiful website that makes the viewer sigh with pleasure.

Here’s how….”

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