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There are some pairings which should always go together. They complement each other so well, and their success and popularity has been documented many times over.

One of the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ combinations that really shouldn’t be tampered with is simplicity and logo design. Time and again, it is the simple logo designs which prove to have the best staying power. Why? Because simplicity forces a logo design to be the best of what it can be.

Simplicity and logo design is like strawberries and cream - a match made in heave

Simple means focused

A simple logo design is automatically focused. It pin points who and what you are, and what you offer. It forces your logo to project the essence of who you are in a condensed form.

Simple can have hidden meanings

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean that it can’t have hidden depths. Negative space logos are a great example of simple logo design with hidden or double meanings.

Simple is subtle

A simple logo design always has an element of subtlety. It isn’t screaming in your face, they are bold yet understated.

Simple is memorable

Simple logos stick in your mind. Their simplicity and purity of message make them far easier to remember.

Simple is effective

Condensing down your logo design is the most effective way to getting a really strong logo. All it takes is a bit of determination, perseverance and guts to cut it down and know when to stop.

Making sure you have a simple logo

Every first set of concepts will have more than they need in them. Really think about what is necessary and what isn’t and don’t be afraid to be ruthless in asking for the designs to be refined and simplified as much as possible.

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