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Any designer worth their salt will tell you that a negative space logo is the one that makes their spines tingle, and while most consumers don’t realise how very clever it is  there is a reason why they are so incredibly popular and create some of the most famous logos in the world.

What is negative and positive space?

Negative space is the same thing as white space – it is essentially the space where there is nothing in a design, and it is really important to provide logic, emphasis and legibility.

Negative space is in contrast to positive space, which will be the image, text , graphic etc.

Why do designers love logos that play with negative space?

Logos that play with negative space are clever and creative – and yet they remain subtle and simple.

It’s about hiding a shape in the space between the logo letters, or inside the icon or illustration. You won’t notice it and then suddenly you will, creating a whole different level of appreciation for the design and the thought behind it.

How can a logo which uses negative space benefit your brand?

But logos that play with negative space do more than tickle design tastebuds. They also tend to bring about the following benefits:

  • They are simple, so they adapts well to different contexts (i.e. they are future proof)
  • They show that there is depth and a concept to your brand which naturally intrigues
  • Those who figure out the ‘hidden secret’ of your logo feel included in your brand
  • Once someone has clued in to this hidden element it will grab their attention, they will look at it longer and it will be very memorable to them

Famous examples of logos that utilise their negative space

FedEx – the most famous of them all. This logo design has won 35 awards and is lauded in all graphic design courses. You can read more about it, and the story of the hidden arrow here.


NBC – can you spot the peacock?

NBC logo

Toblerone – easy to miss, but once you see it its very obvious: there’s a bear in the toblerone mountain.


Yoga Australia – a small business favourite


Spartan Golf – can you see how the golfers swing creates the hat of a spartan warrior? The golfer’s elbow is his eye.



Even a small company with an amazing logo design using negative space will get shared and noticed at a very high level. Yoga australia and Spartan golf are well known in the UK only because of their logos.

Getting yourself a logo that plays with negative space

They don’t fall out of the sky. It can take hours of painstaking work to execute, and the ideas that form naturally and obviously will always be the best.

The best thing you can do to get a powerful logo design which perfectly captures your brand is to spend time refining your brand, and taking time over your logo design brief.

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