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We’ve written recently all about how important it is to think about the context of where you’re going to use your logo as it really does impact on what the best way is to lay out your logo design. This week’s logo of the week, No More Lonely Pets, made it clear from the very start what they needed to use their logo for/on – which made it clear exactly what we needed to ensure in order to optimise the design.

About No More Lonely Pets

No more lonely pets is a dog walking and pet sitting business

No more lonely pets logo design

The Brief

They wanted a bright and cheery, cartoony-style logo design that was suitable for use on invoices and on their van.

What do you think?

Tell us what you think in the comments below – we love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our design. Design is a very subjective field and every comment and opinion is invaluable – make our day and share yours!