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So you think that your logo design is the bees knees, but other people aren’t so convinced?

Can you hear that early warning klaxon? Maybe your design isn’t as good as you think it is.

Here’s how to check.

Warning sign

1) It won’t fit easily on (website, business card, sign etc)

Your logo needs to look good everywhere, in every context. Of course you should primarily think about the place where your logo will get the most exposure and optimise it for that environment – but don’t neglect everywhere else. A great logo looks good online, offline, in print, embroidered, embossed or however else you care to cook it.

2) People get confused about what you do

Oh dear. This is probably the code red, def con 5 kind of warning sign that screams at you to take action or die.

The purpose of your logo is to give you a clear identity. Confusion is pretty much the opposite to that outcome. This isn’t to say that your logo has to succumb to cliché or painfully enunciate what your products or services are – but it has to fit. An apple doesn’t immediately scream technology or IT at you, but it still works as a logo for that famous company. A lot of the time it might be the style or the execution that is throwing people off.

3) It’s not that easy to see on a white background

It might be that your branding values mean that your logo suits going onto a black or coloured background. However, it should always look good inversed or on a white background too. The default setting for a logo if you’re putting it into a magazine, a business directory etc will always be against a white (or light) background, so just make sure you’re still standing out when you’re using that version.

4) It doesn’t look good small

A great logo looks good in all sizes. You should still be able to read all the words easily and see all the detail even when it’s at thumbnail size. If that simply isn’t possible (because you have a long company name for instance) then it might be worth considering getting another version of your logo created to work in a smaller environment.

5) It doesn’t look good big

A great logo looks good in all sizes. It should be just as comfortable to look at your logo on a billboard as on a business card. If something niggles at you or doesn’t look right at this size then make sure you get it sorted out.

6) It’s hard to read

If you put your logo in front of someone for a second and took it down again would they be able to tell you what it said?

Remember that your logo is competing in a busy market place. If it can’t be understood quickly it will be scanned over. Make sure your text is legible, large and (preferably) dark on a light background.

7) You’ve managed to fit everything into one design

Are you confused why people are saying they don’t like your logo when you’ve successfully managed to convey every single aspect of your company and what you do into one logo? And you’re using your background, your icon, your tagline, and your font all to full effect?

You’re overdoing it my friend. Logo design is a simplicity game. It’s the essence of your brand – the platform that everything else and all your other designs can be built upon. And you’ll be surprised at how much meaning can be conveyed with just whitespace.

Condense it down. Focus. Simplify and you’ll find yourself with a much stronger logo.


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